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MINI F56 Forum - Cooper and Cooper S — For the new 3rd-generation 2015 MINI Cooper!

Mini Cooper News

News on the 2015+ Mini Cooper F56
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New to Introduce yourself here!
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MINI F56 General Discussion

Forum for the 2015 MINI Cooper F56, MINI's 3rd generation of Cooper and Cooper S.
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MINI F56 Pictures

Share images of your MINI F56 in this section.
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MINI F56 Videos

Share videos of your MINI F56 in this section. Any interesting videos you find are also welcome in this section.
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The Car Lounge

Forum to discuss other MINI cars, future 3rd-generation MINI variants, and other cars of interest.
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Mini F56 Ownership

Purchasing and Ordering

Forum for threads about purchasing a F56 Mini Cooper. This forum contains pricing, dealer feedback, latest incentives, and ordering information.
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2015 Mini Cooper Reviews

Forum to discuss media and owner reviews of the new F56 Mini Cooper.
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Insurance Chatter

Discussions on insurance
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2015+ MINI Cooper F56 Tech Section

Appearance & Body

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Tires, Wheels, and Suspension

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Electronics and Audio

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Engine & Powertrain

Discuss engine & powertrain upgrades, modifications and issues. Includes gearbox & differential, induction & exhaust systems.
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Washing & Detailing

Forum to discuss tips on how to keep your MINI looking like new.
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How-To Guides and Tutorials

Forum to share how-to guides and other helpful information created by the Mini F56 community. If you know helpful information, please create a thread here.
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MINI F56 Model-Specific Forum Discussion

MINI Cooper F56 Forum

Forum to discuss the base MINI Cooper with the 1.5L 3-cylinder motor.
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MINI Cooper S F56 Forum

Forum to discuss the new MINI Cooper S with the 2.0L 4-cylinder motor.
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MINI Cooper D F56 Forum

Forum to discuss the new MINI Cooper D with the 1.5L diesel motor.
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MINI Cooper SD F56 Forum

Forum to discuss the new MINI Cooper SD with the 2.0L diesel motor.
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MINI One First Forum

Forum to discuss the new MINI One First Hardtop with the 1.2L three-cylinder motor.
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MINI JCW F56 Forum

discussions about the MINI JCW F56
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Mini F55

Discuss the five-door Mini F55
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Mini Clubman F54

discussions about the Mini Clubman F54
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Other models Want to discuss any of the other models in the F series, here's your place!


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Minif56 Classifieds


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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Community Help Section

Community Help

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Off Topic Section

Club F56

Our off-topic section for members. Share your passions beyond our beloved Mini F56.
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Mini F56 Regional Forums


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Other Regions

Area for other regions to discuss and organize.
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