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  • Harvmanz ·
    Hi Donna,

    I have just been reading a thread about how to fix rattles fixes and I can see that you had the same issue that I am currently having.

    My driver side seatbelt mount pillar has an annoying rattle that I would like to fix. I saw that you fixed it by using black paper, but how did you do this specifically?

    Did you remove the pillar and stuff the paper behind? Or did you just some wedge some in paper in the side underneath the rubber door seal?

    cotdencaoap ·
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    Midnight_F56 ·
    Hi Donna,

    I read something about your rubber door trims needing to be replaced, and I had a question for you.

    What was wrong with them? Was it the super-obnoxious rubber-on-rubber sounds when going over uneven pavement?

    What did you tell your dealer to get this resolved? Or are you handling it yourself?

    I appreciate any light you can shed on this for me. Thank you!
    mikeswagon ·
    Hi Donna, only just noticed your message.

    AFAIK I wasn't outside the Alford city limits on Sunday, as Callum was playing fitba.

    I did see a VO on that road at the start of the week, so there are a few more around.

    I was going to message you last night, had been watching a a set of led headlights on ebay, but looks like the realised how much they are actually worth, since they've pulled the listing.
    Washy ·
    Hi Donna
    I will check with admin to see what can be done. Not techy myself. I will get back to you.

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