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  1. Mini roadster spoiler stuck

    You'd probably get better answers on NAM ( since your car is a 2nd generation Mini and this site is exclusive to the F series (3rd Gen). Although the Roadster was offered in the 2014/15 lineup, it is still considered a 2nd Gen car. Completely different drivetrain and...
  2. Best Flash for 2016 F56 JCW?

    MINI JCW F56 Forum
    You could also check with Bytetronik. They offer stage one and two tuning via the OBD port and a laptop. I ran the stage 1 for a year or so until a software update by the dealer wiped it. When I reflash it'll be a stage 2 tune. Stage 2 requires better exhaust and intake systems, catless DP, and...
  3. car recalled ..... crankshaft guide bearings

    MINI F56 General Discussion
    Definitely on Mini's tab, not the individual dealer. They should also provide a loaner car in this instance. Took my dealer two weeks to get my new engine and install it. I had a new F55 loaner for the entire time.
  4. tweedbean's F56 JCW - Doing it my way

    MINI F56 Pictures
    I agree with you about the red grill surround, but I do like the color coded arches and trim better than the textured plastic. They'll be easier to keep clean too.
  5. New LCI headlights & LED Rear UJ lights fit on older F56?

    MINI F56 General Discussion
    I just picked up a set of UJ lights from a Dealer on eBay. Made by Helix, and they include wiring harness/adapters for plug and play installation. Only problem I had was a bad adapter harness. In the process of getting a replacement for that. All LED, including B/U light. I'll post video of the...
  6. Where's the cabin air intake?

    MINI F56 General Discussion
  7. Anybody else thinks the "old Forum Layout" was more user friendly?

    Club F56
    I prefer the old format. But then again, I'm old too.
  8. 2016 cooper replacement key fob programming

    MINI F56 General Discussion
    Dealer will have to do it, after you show proper ID and car registration. Won't be cheap.
  9. Milltek or Scorpion Decat?

    MINI F56 General Discussion
    I have the Milltek and am very happy with the fit and finish. Probably not necessary, but I wrapped mine with Header wrap and applied several coats of header paint before installation. As far as sound... one catless DP is going to sound pretty much like another. It's not that big, and it's not...
  10. secure vehicle against rolling

    MINI F56 General Discussion
    If using iPhone or iPad, this is the one I bought on Amazon..... I think I read somewhere that a BlueTooth unit works better with Android devices. Vgate WiFi iCar2 OBDII Elm327 Code Reader for iOS iPhone iPad Android PC,Auto Sleep $20 USD. The bimmercode app is ~$25
  11. secure vehicle against rolling

    MINI F56 General Discussion
    It's just another way of saying "you should have bought a manual transmission!" :D
  12. Air Intake = Louder Exhaust?

    MINI F56 General Discussion
  13. Rear Splitters

    MINI F56 General Discussion
    Are you talking about rear diffusers? If so, it requires the JCW rear bumper also.
  14. 2015 Mini Cooper S Tenticle wheels with 215 tires?

    MINI F56 General Discussion
    I ran Goodyear 215/45X17 tires on Tentacle Spokes with no problems
  15. what tire pressures are you running with Normal non runflat tires?

    Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    215/45X17 Goodyears. Summer 38 PSI and Winter 40 PSI. With consistent tire rotation every six months all tire are wearing evenly.
  16. Side scuttle trim not removable?

    Appearance & Body
    Removing the actual scuttle light fixture is the same as if you didn't have the scuttle surround. IIRC hook your fingers under the lower edge and lift up and pull out bottom first. As far as the trim goes, The OEM part was recommended to be attached with OEM tube of adhesive. Since mine was in...
  17. Red Automatic Shift Knob for MINI

    Kellen Craven and his crew make some really nice gear. Over the years I have bought a lot of their stuff, and never been disappointed. If it's made y Cravenspeed, you can bet they'll stand behind it. Their Cs is exceptional. I Almost wish I had an automatic just so I could try one of these.
  18. Texas on ICE

    Welcome Tex. Like Dan, I spent 2 months in San Antonio in 1966. My first wreck was not as cool as y'alls though. Rolled over a 1963 USAF Econoline Van into a swamp in FL.
  19. JCW Pro Exhaust Warranty Void?

    Engine & Powertrain
    I just had mine in for the Blue Tooth problem. Not only would they not cover it, but they wanted $90 just for diagnostics. I know they wouldn't be able to duplicate the problem in the shop. Mainly because none of the technicians would be wearing an apple watch.
  20. SPIED: New spy photos catch the MINI JCW GP up close

    MINI JCW F56 Forum
    Yep. Looks like the original show car.
1-20 of 496 Results