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Cooper S
Volcanic Orange
Sport/Cold Weather/Sunroof/Sport Suspension
I came from a 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack/SRT. I am into road racing and my original goal was a car that felt a little less terrifying on the track. The Challenger was very fast, and handled very well but you felt all 4100 lbs of that thing, which can be very unnerving coming into a chicane at 100+ mph. I cross shopped a lot of cars, the new ND MX-5, the Focus ST, the STI, WRX, FRS/BRZ, 500 Abarth, basically everything in the small and nimble category. I actually was taking my brother in law to look at Mini's when I fell in love. He drove a 15 hardtop S with me in the passenger seat, and I was honestly unimpressed. It was quiet, it felt slow and soft. Then I got to drive (and this was a base S, no sport suspension.) We were on some back roads in Annapolis, MD, and I flipped it to sport mode. I bopped around some back roads when a sport bike came up behind me and we ended up just flying, me giggling and laughing when the pops came on, my brother in law laughing, and the poor saleswoman splayed in the back seat fearing for her life. I was hooked.
2015 Mini Cooper S (Volcanic Orange)


Burger Tuning Stage 2 (21PSI) with FF running 60% e85
Freed Engineering Downpipe Back 3" exhaust to a Vibrant 3" to 3.5" muffler
Milltek Catless Large Bore Downpipe w/outmotoring mini cat O2 sensor spacer
Cravenspeed Intake
Forge Motorsports FMIC
Cravenspeed Short Shifter kit
Shortie Antenna with BlackJack
BlackJack side mirror covers
BlackJack license plate frame
Some pretty neat stickers
An iphone cable!
Wheel and Tire
Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 18x8 +40
Bridgestone Potenza Re71-R 225/40/18



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