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  1. Engine & Powertrain
    I just got the exhaust kit installed on my 2022 jcw in dealership. But it still doesn't pop. Because of the GPF, I upgraded the exhaust, and it seems the GPF has been removed with the factory stock exhaust. Is there anything else to do with the pops? Maybe the ECU should be flashed?
  2. Introductions
    Car lover and had many different makes/models over the years including Acura, Ford truck and mustangs, VW, Jeep Wranglers, Porsche. This is my first MINI though I’ve always liked them and wanted one. Finally pulled the trigger and bought it last night. First day with it today and spent lots of...
  3. Purchasing and Ordering
    Hey everyone! Getting ready to put an order in for one of these new 2022 minis. I've previously had a Cooper S and I'm thinking of maybe getting a JCW for the extra hp and the cooler looking front grille. But my question is, is it really worth the extra cost? What is the actual difference...
  4. MINI F56 Pictures
    Does anyone know exactly what features the 2022 Oxford Edition Hardtop comes with? My dealer does not know what it comes with besides what is listed on the website, which is very vague. They really did not seem to know much about the Oxford edition or if I could even order one. After searching...
1-4 of 5 Results