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  1. Sell/Trade
    Hello everyone, I made an account on this forum to sell these parts. Back in August, I ordered rear brakes and rotors for my 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia. For whatever reason, the company I purchased from sent me the wrong parts. I did not realize it until I went outside and started the job. When I...
    $200 USD
  2. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi guys, I just had all 4 discs and pads replaced by mini today. They were pretty efficient and I was in and out within 2 days of contacting them. They even did my mot for me while the car was in. they charged me £700 in total for the discs and pads including vat. Is this a total rip off...
  3. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hey guys, The brake discs on my clubman f54 cooper are corroded and need to be replaced. does anyone have a good recommendation for discs and pads? And if anyone here lives in edinburgh, the best garage to go to that’s affordable and won’t try and rip me off? Recommendations asap are...
  4. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Help. Brake pad reset. Does the wear sensor actually need to be plugged into a pad to perform the reset? I replaced my pads a while back, but broke the sensor due to incorrect parts. I will be putting the correct pads in on Sunday, but now I finally got the replacement sensor I thought I...
  5. Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    Hi Hello I have a Mini Cooper f56 2019 and last week I got an alert for replacing brake pads in the back, today I replaced new brake pads and when I tried to reset it wrote me unsuccessful. what can we do ? Need to replace another part?
1-5 of 5 Results