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  1. Appearance & Body
    After a full rear bumper black. Anyone selling in Manchester or near to. Or does anyone know where I get hold of one. Apart from ebay āœŒšŸ½ thanks
  2. MINI Cooper F56 Forum
    Hii all! I have searched all over the internet to find a rear bumper that I can fit onto my F56 MINI COOPER. I would like to change the original bumper to the JCW version! Does anyone know where I can order this?? Thanks in advance! Willem
  3. Appearance & Body
    I'm looking at replacing my number plate plinth with a brand new OEM one from MINI. However, my JCW has the spotlights on the front. When I take the bumper off, have I got to be extra careful because of these or re-screw these into the plinth? Not sure how they're planted. I've never taken a...
1-3 of 3 Results