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  1. Electronics and Audio
    Just fitted a Roadtop CarPlay unit to my daughters 2015 F56 with 6.5” display. Everything works perfectly, apart from we are unable to accept an inbound call via the controller. We are able to make outbound calls, operate other apps like Waze, etc, but not accept an inbound call via the pop up...
  2. Electronics and Audio
    Hello! About to buy my dream Mini (the one I have been designing since I could think about driving a car). This will be my 4th mini so not new but definitely new to forums and working on my mini. The only compromise I made with this one is that its the 6.5inch touchscreen with carplay and Nav...
  3. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hey folks 👋 Fitted an MMI CarPlay box from Andream at the weekend and so far it's working great but I have a question! My F56 isn't fitted with any parking assists or sensors, but when the car goes into reverse it goes out of CarPlay and back into iDrive, and then back into CarPlay when I take...
  4. Electronics and Audio
    Hi, I have a 2021 Mini Countryman the base model with no Carplay/ Navigation. My headunit is ENAVEVO and the VIN number: 3N79881. Can anyone help me with the options that i have in order to activate carplay? Thank you in advance,
  5. Electronics and Audio
    Hello, I recently purchased a 2019 cooper and love it but it does not have car play. wondering if anyone has had any luck with retrofitting a unit like this - it seems to good to be true ? Not sure what my headunit is - think it’s an entrynav (?) though it has no nav built in… any help on...
  6. Mini F55
    Hi guys, first post here I've been reading the forums and sounds like some of you might be able to help me Can I get carplay to work on my 2018 5 door Mini cooper? It doesn't have sat nav, but has the newer looking UI. Many thanks
  7. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    I have searched the Forum and also the Instruction Manual; but no luck so forgive me if this covered elsewhere... I am still learning all the settings / menus. When playing music from my iPhone using CarPlay. Using the buttons on the steering wheel I can increase / decrease volume; but the...
  8. Electronics and Audio
    Hi all, I’m looking to do a NBT evo retrofit and would like to go to the latest UI, however as I’ve got a pre-facelift F56 I need a touchscreen. Does anyone know of anybody selling one or have one to sell themselves? Thanks!
  9. Electronics and Audio
    Just bought a beautiful Chili-Red 2019 Countryman S and was hoping to do some coding to upgrade the head unit, only to find out it's just an ENTRYNAV2! (Noob mistake, lesson learned). I've been told CarPlay can be unlocked on it, but it doesn't have Navigation (not sure if true, but also heard...
  10. F54
    Hello everyone. So after a few months of deliberating I finally took the plunge and order an ANDREAM MMI NBT Unit for my ID4 Clubby as it doesn’t have CarPlay. I ordered direct from Andream(EU). After a few email questions the unit arrived within the week. All for £175 i started installing it...
  11. Electronics and Audio
    Is there a way to have Apple CarPlay on my 2021 Oxford Edition 2-door?
  12. Electronics and Audio
    Hi folks, I’m in the UK and thinking of buying a new/nearly new Cooper Sport Hatch with Nav. Am I right in saying that if I spec the car with Nav, it’ll come with CarPlay prep? Question is - is CarPlay full screen on the 6.5” screen? I know it’s not on the larger screen but wondered if it was...
1-12 of 23 Results