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  1. F60
    Hi there, We just took delivery of our fifth new MINI, and first Countryman, last week and we are loving it. =) Watching the production and delivery process proceed over the past few months has been....entirely too much of my focus. ;-) I've been poking around these forums and others, and have...
  2. Sell/Trade
    Set of 4 MINI OEM 18” Turbo Fan Silver rims (5 lug) with Pirelli Cinturato P7 Ultra High Performance Summer Run Flat tires (approx. 3000 miles of usage on the tires). Set retails for over $2,000 new, asking $749 Minor scratches, see pics. Mounted, balanced, TPMS, and center caps (no lug nuts)...
    $749 USD
  3. Introductions
    So after my first car’s (a heavily used 2002 mazda protege) transmition died like 2 weeks after buying it for dirt cheap off a relative i was feeling way more confident in my driving skills than when i started driving and by then i had saved up a bit and i had better job security so as a student...
  4. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi all, a weird rattle exist from day 1 of my new countryman 2021. It comes from the left-bottom of windscreen when riding rough surfaces. I thought it might be the plastic drainage trim touching the glass from the outside. Anyone else had the same or I am a lucky one ? Thank you all
  5. F60
    I'm usually the first to snub my nose at a performance SUV, but the Countryman JCW hits very differently! This is one of the cars I really didn't want to return, which I really didn't expect :D I could be biased but this is definitely the best review of the new Countryman out haha! Cheers...
  6. West Midlands
    Hi Site newbie but a long tine mini owner (various models) ive recently purchased a 2015 countryman Cooper SD with chill pack . loving the style and features of this model but was wondering regarding the centre console is there any way of having the clock/screensaver on the console as I don’t...
  7. F60
    This is my NEW MINI Countryman F60 JCW (from Italy):
1-7 of 7 Results