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  1. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Now that we have an actual Beltline/Waistline part in black instead of only having plastidip and stickers I thought I would do a video showing how to install the new part from MINI. Hopefully it's helpful for some!
  2. Sell/Trade
    Hi Everyone, When purchasing my Dechorme kit, I was given a black fuel cap cover as a part of the package, but it does not fit my car since it is non S. I am listing it up for £30 national (UK based) or £35 for international shipping If anyone is interested. (Preferably a UK buyer please). To...
  3. MINI Cooper SD F56 Forum
    evening everyone, I am in the middle of modding the little dirty diesel and now thinking about exhaust so the GTD and ford focus ST-D all have aftermarket exhaust why doesnt the mini and would a ST-D dpf back from miltek fit as it sounds really nice now i'm not going to buy this until march...
  4. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am looking to dechrome my F56 Cooper Sport but have been struggling to find someone that can do a professional job on it. Was hoping if any of you have done it personally with a company in the North London area. Appreciate all the help. Thank You
1-4 of 4 Results