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  1. Electronics and Audio
    you know the drill.
  2. Electronics and Audio
    Just bought a beautiful Chili-Red 2019 Countryman S and was hoping to do some coding to upgrade the head unit, only to find out it's just an ENTRYNAV2! (Noob mistake, lesson learned). I've been told CarPlay can be unlocked on it, but it doesn't have Navigation (not sure if true, but also heard...
  3. Electronics and Audio
    you know the drill
  4. Electronics and Audio
    Another EVO to flash to mini software.
  5. Electronics and Audio
    I've perfected the FA, exact software configuration, and order to flash any Mini Evo to the latest i-step 19-11. See graphics for each of the Minis, F54, F55, F56, F57, and F60. Animations and full owner's manual functional.
1-5 of 5 Results