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  1. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hey guys, I’ve got a 66 plate f54 cooper S with the 8 speed auto box. I want to get the car remapped but am unsure of how much torque the gearbox can handle? has anyone here remapped their f54/f56 with an 8 speed auto? If so what were the figures like and have you had any trouble since? thanks!
  2. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hey everyone just bought a 66 plate cooper F54 with 40k miles on the clock. It’s in immaculate condition and recently serviced by BMW with no faults. I reset the mpg meter today and was driving around town (London) not that much stopping and starting, at around 20 mpg and very gently driving...
  3. Engine & Powertrain
    Bit of an odd one, my Clubman seems to struggle to reverse after first starting. After starting the car and shifting into reverse, releasing the parking brake, I let off the foot brake and the car should start to reverse. Instead, it tries, labours the engine for a second or two then disengages...
  4. F54
    Hi, I have a late 2019 F54 with 19" wheels and standard dampers & normal tyres (not run-flat), I find the ride to be a bit too harsh and crashy at times as some of the roads where i live aren't great and the section of the M25 near Reigate is very unpleasant, however i love the car. I also have...
  5. MINI F56 Pictures
    Trading in my 2016 F55 for a nearly new August 2020 Clubby Cooper S. I'll be picking it up next weekend. It's got almost all of the options that I consider essential. The only option that I would have liked is the 8.8" screen instead of the 6.5" screen as I'm used to the bigger screen. It has...
  6. Mini Clubman F54
    Hi everyone, I’m looking to spec my f54 jcw for a June production. Any advice on whether HUD is necessary with the introduction of digital cockpit? It is quite an expensive option to have here in Taiwan costing around USD1300. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. F54
    Hello everyone. So after a few months of deliberating I finally took the plunge and order an ANDREAM MMI NBT Unit for my ID4 Clubby as it doesn’t have CarPlay. I ordered direct from Andream(EU). After a few email questions the unit arrived within the week. All for £175 i started installing it...
  8. Sell/Trade
    Category: PRE-LCI LED Head Lights Price: $600 Part fits : F56/F55/F54 Location (Region): EU Item Condition: Used Immaculate condition, Perfect working order. Removed due to upgrade to LCI Head Light. No Scratches, No Broken Clips Payment Method : PayPal Note : Buyer pays for shipping.
  9. Mini Clubman F54
    I was expecting to have to code them or something, but they're just working!
  10. Electronics and Audio
    I've spotted some Xenon lights on fleabay. Will they fit the F54 ? Wondering how easy they'll be to replace the stock halogens? Obviously there's some coding to be done (I have Bimmercode). Additionally, I'll probably have to pull a wire from the bumper for the DRL. But other than that ???
1-10 of 10 Results