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  1. Electronics and Audio
    Hello, I have base audio on my Mini F55 2019 LCI, I'm thinking about upgrade to the Audison Prima OEM Kit with amp + 2 rear speakers + 2 front speakers and tweeters + 2 subs underseat. (Without cutting wires, just plug and play.) Thats what I check: I need to buy separately the 2x Mini...
  2. Introductions
    As a newbie I’m really thankful for the advice in this forum in securing our first Mini as a gift for my wife for 20 fabulous years! We had our eyes on a 5dr auto 1.5l Cooper in enigmatic black with Chester Satellite grey interior the price was a little steep, mileage about average although...
  3. F55
    Hi guys, My Mini Cooper F55 LCI 2019 have the engine 1.5T 136HP with GPF/OPF. It's safe to remove the GPF/OPF and do a remap to get some pops and bangs? Anyone already do it this on 1.5T engine? Waiting an reply, Regards.
  4. F55
    Hi Guys, I’m new to do mods, I have a 2015 F55 Mini Cooper D 1.5 5dr with desire to have a stage 2 tuning, what would be required and fits this model. 1) What are best quality intercooler for stage 2 tune that are a straight swap of factory intercooler? 2) What other part should be...
  5. Sell/Trade
    Went for a back box delete and got a custom exhaust so I'm selling the original. It had just over 1000 miles on the clock at the time. It was on my 2020 F55 LCI cooper S(4 door) but pretty sure it would fit the F56 (3 door) too as it's only back box and pipes (correct me if i'm wrong). As far as...
    £120 GBP
  6. Mini F55
    Hi guys, I have an Mini Cooper F55 2019 with rear PDC and Led Headlights from factory and I want to install an OEM backup camera. I can buy OEM camera and cables very cheap from a F56 and F54. I see some threads but I'm a little bit confused ahah, I don't understand to much of this. My...
  7. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hello, I was planning on replacing my F55 bumper with a F56 one I found. However looking on the configurator, the f55 one looks longer. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  8. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi guys, I have an Mini Cooper Non-S 2019 F55 (5 Door). I want switch the Fuel Door Cover for the Cooper S one. From this: To This: I only found this parts numbers: Mini Fuel Door Cover: 51177417842 (This one says only fit on F56) Mini JCW S Fuel Gas Gal Fuel Filter Cover Chrome...
  9. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi peeps! My upper motor mount started to fail on my f55 and I recently saw an aftermarket mount up for grabs (Direnza is the name of the company that offers them). I was going to order one and before I could even click the order button, a thought came to my mind to email them just in case. I...
  10. Mini F55
    Hello, I own a Mini F55 One 2015 that has the stock flat spoiler, I am looking to buy a JCW spoiler which has the part number: 51627379605. I have seen on the forum that the F56 JCW spoiler needs different covering side trim as seen on the diagram: - Online BMW Parts Catalog But...
  11. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hey guys! I’m new to this forum, I have had my MCS F55 since February and I have a jb+ Module on it. It’s pretty quick but I’m looking for an actual flash. I have a Alientech PowerGate 3 from my last car. I was wondering if I can use this to flash my F55/F56? And if anyone has either a VR Tuned...
  12. Engine & Powertrain
    Has anyone have the muffler deleted on their Cooper S with GPF? How does it sound? Did it trigger any warning? I recently Just picked up a LCI2 Cooper S. The car has been so much quieter compare to the test drive car. No exhaust burble unless you stick you head next to the exhaust. Also I...
  13. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Just picked up my LCI 2 Cooper S Classic here in Australia , one of the first few LCI2 here in AUS, I think. TBH I was pretty surprised that the car came with GPF/PPF since most cars in Australia doesn't have them. I know I'm in brake-in period but still could't help it to rev it in sport mode a...
  14. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Recently bought an F55 in which the previous owner must’ve had a dashcam. The mount is still attached to the windscreen and the end of the mini USB cable is sticking out from the roof lining. I’m just wondering where the other end of that cable is likely to be. Any dashcam owners able to shed...
  15. MINI F56 Pictures
    Finally got my eventuri intake and scoop delivered today and I love it. So easy to fit and really makes the engine bay look better, even if I couldn't afford to go with the carbon internals! I think the carbon scoop looks great too. I mean it's definitely subtle (which I like) but I think it...
  16. Appearance & Body
    Hi all, Just thought Id introduce myself, I'm Callum and over the lockdown, my two friends and I have started our own aftermarket design company, we are all Automotive and Transport Design graduates and we are specialising in modern Minis. Feel free to check us out:
  17. Introductions
    Hi all, Just thought Id introduce myself, I'm Callum and over the lockdown, my two friends and I have started our own aftermarket design company, we are all Automotive and Transport Design graduates and we are specialising in modern Minis. Feel free to check us out:
  18. Mini Cooper News
    I have this beautiful 2019 F56 3 cylinder but i've been in the search for more power and i've seen how my car has the same value as an used 2016-2017 jcw, would you recommend upgrading even if it means loosing the 7 speed dct, apple CarPlay and all those new features?
  19. Sell/Trade
    Category: PRE-LCI LED Head Lights Price: $600 Part fits : F56/F55/F54 Location (Region): EU Item Condition: Used Immaculate condition, Perfect working order. Removed due to upgrade to LCI Head Light. No Scratches, No Broken Clips Payment Method : PayPal Note : Buyer pays for shipping.
  20. Mini F55
    I am posting from Vines MINI Redhill and have got a special end of line offer on a F55 Tuning Kit. We are offering a fitted price with chrome exhaust tips at £1234 inc VAT If you are interested or would like more information, please contact me on here or email me at [email protected]
1-20 of 20 Results