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  1. Sell/Trade
    I placed an order for an intercooler from MMR for My Cooper S, but they sent me an intercooler for the JCW. I have been unable to get any response from MMR to return it, so I am trying to sell it. This is Part# MMR05-1401 for the 2013+ Mini Cooper JCW. I have since reordered the correct...
    $600 USD
  2. Sell/Trade
    I'm selling the catalytic converter off of my 2015 F55 cooper s. Car had 60k miles when removed. Buyer pays shipping. Price is negotiable.
    $400 USD
  3. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi All I have recently bought a used F56 and eventually found out how to switch on and operate the automatic wipers. Problem is that for some reason it won't stay on and I have to press the button at the end of the stalk every time I start the car. I have done some searching and can't find...
  4. Sell/Trade
    F56 Mini Cooper 2019 23700 miles Full service history 12 month mot Message if interested 07480606506 Mint condition all round with loads of lovely little mods. 237bhp 400nm very well looked after and worth the view in person. Comes as a 1.6L but with all the lovely upgrades it definitely...
    £13,800 GBP
  5. UK
    Does the footpack for thule R56 rack fit the F56? They're a very similar shape but I don't want to damage my paint. Tia
  6. Sell/Trade
    Used JCW Pro Valve Activated Exhaust. Recently taken off my F56, and I’ve also just had the actuator replaced (receipt provided). Upgraded Bluetooth module to stop the common fault of random disconnecting. In great condition, everything works perfectly and it comes with all the wiring etc to...
    £905 GBP
  7. Electronics and Audio
    I've just replaced my standard seats in my 2016 mini cooper s with some new 2022 F56 seats I found. There's no errors but the car constantly believes I have a passenger so I'll get the seat belt reminder every time I start the car. I've sorted it for the time being by having the passenger seat...
  8. Engine & Powertrain
    Hey all, first forum post. Looking to get my car tuned in the upcoming weeks, and I just want to know if this is enough. I have done research but I’ve read different things. I currently have: Eventuri intake MMR Intercooler Milltek downpipe Secondary cat and resonator delete Borla Muffler Is...
  9. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi After some advice, some nice person decided to pull outa road into the rear of my car. Luckily it’s only scuffed my rear arch and scuffed my wheel. The wheel is going for refurb, but arch needs replacing. He’s paid up for parts. Anyone know how to remove/replace the drivers side rear arch...
  10. Interior
    Hey Guys, So I've been looking for some heated leather seats for my 2016 F56 3 door and I've found some really nice ones,... but they're from a 2014 Clubman, thing is on the bottom the label starts with F56 so I was wondering if anyone knew if the clubman seats fit in the hatchback, they have...
  11. MINI F56 General Discussion
    I'm sharing this in case it helps others in the same predicament... My 2015 F56 Mini Cooper has a sunroof and no roof rails (aka a "naked roof"). I've had it since 2015 and the size/space has been fine until this year (2022) when I rescued a puppy who basically takes up the whole back seat (9...
  12. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi everyone, Does 225/50 tyres would fit on jcw track spoke 501 wheels r17 for Mini f56 ? Maybe someone uses this measurements? Regards
  13. Electronics and Audio
    Anyone know if there are any codes that can be used to set the boot/tailgate opening mode ? On her car, pressing the Boot button on the fob, opens the boot and doors. Her previous F56 did not. According to the handbook, there should be an option under My Mini > Vehicle Settings > Doors/Key >...
  14. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hello group Have a question? If I install the borla s muffler to my F55 will mini void my warranty?
  15. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Today I got the message that my right front dim light and big light is broken. The drl led ring is still working. Somebody know that you can change the led inside the body ? Its a JCW from 2019. With the new full led ring front lights and Union tail backlights. Thanks in advance!
  16. Electronics and Audio
    Does anyone have any experience with the Axxess ASWC-1 (Steering Wheel Control Interface) the F56?
  17. Mini Cooper Reviews
    Hello, I am considering buying a 2014 Mini Cooper F56 B38 1.5l with 120k miles on the clock. Does anyone have this engine with such mileage? Does it still have some resource left?
  18. MINI JCW F56 Forum
    Hi guys, I am in need of some dire help right now, so let me give you the lowdown. Firstly, I got my mini jcw back in 2019 (this was when they updated the emissions regulations). A year went by and I wanted to experiment. Obviously the JCW Pro exhaust wasnt for my car, as its not able to be...
  19. Electronics and Audio
    Evening all! Just after some advice regarding possibly coding dimmable DRL’s when using the indicators. I’ve seen many BMW’s around the same age as my F56 with LED headlights which offer a dimmable DRL when indicating. Some dislike this feature but I quite like it. As the F56’s run off the...
1-20 of 103 Results