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  1. MINI Cooper F56 Forum
    Hey everyone, so I have a 2020 F56 Cooper Trooper LC1, and ever since I've had the car from new, I noticed that the boot is rather hard to close. Most of the time you have to literally slam it so hard that the plate almost falls off. I just figured MINI's boots are all like that since I had an...
  2. Engine & Powertrain
    Hi everyone, I recently bought my first Mini (Hurrah!), a beautiful 2017 auto JCW but quickly discovered that the engine very quickly stalls on a cold start if I try get going (most notably occurs in reverse). Temperature has ranged from +5 degrees celcius to -15. No issues if I let it sit...
  3. MINI Cooper S F56 Forum
    Recently purchased a 2016 3 door hardtop s but noticed it has some jcw identifiers. Is there a sure way to know if it's a jcw edition or if it were just cloned? Thank you in advance!
  4. MINI Cooper F56 Forum
    Recently purchased a 2016 3 door hardtop s but noticed it has some jcw identifiers. Is there a sure way to know if it's a jcw edition or if it were just cloned? Thank you in advance!
  5. Appearance & Body
    Hey everyone, so I have a LCI F56 3 door cooper trooper in black and white combo. Me and my partner absolutely love it, the equipment is great and I love the little touches like spot lights and bonnet stripes. With all that said we do have a bit of a problem... The car is really not that...
  6. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hey guys, I’ve got a 66 plate f54 cooper S with the 8 speed auto box. I want to get the car remapped but am unsure of how much torque the gearbox can handle? has anyone here remapped their f54/f56 with an 8 speed auto? If so what were the figures like and have you had any trouble since? thanks!
  7. MINI Cooper S F56 Forum
    I’ve got a 2020 S and I’m very tempted to switch out the stock exhaust but I don’t want to cut the stock exhaust off as I’ll probably put it back on when I sell it. What are my options? (Something valved would be great as I leave the house at 5 every morning)
  8. Appearance & Body
    I've got a 2014 cooper s f56 and I'm after a JCW kit. I've seen one from a 2015 f56 does anyone know if they're a straight swap or if I need extras for it to fit. Both are 3 dr Thanks
  9. Appearance & Body
    After a full rear bumper black. Anyone selling in Manchester or near to. Or does anyone know where I get hold of one. Apart from ebay ✌🏽 thanks
  10. MINI Cooper S F56 Forum
    Hi, this might be stupid but I’ve got water dripping from underneath my mini, could be AC but seems like a lot and I’m not very mechanically minded.
  11. Electronics and Audio
    Hi all, I’m looking to do a NBT evo retrofit and would like to go to the latest UI, however as I’ve got a pre-facelift F56 I need a touchscreen. Does anyone know of anybody selling one or have one to sell themselves? Thanks!
  12. MINI JCW F56 Forum
    Hi all, Picked up a Lapis Blue F56 JCW from a dealer in Essex, drove the car home and when we encountered roads outside of London (country roads) the car would engage traction control as if we were spinning wheels, even in a roundabout. Called dealer and they said potential speed sensor...
  13. Electronics and Audio
    In my never ending quest to get Android Auto, I struggle to even take out the headunit from the dash. I can easily unscrew, prod and pry everything except for the top portion of the headunit. No matter what I do (insert screwdriver into tiny hole while pulling, push unit from behind via top...
  14. Sell/Trade
    These wheels are from my 2015 MINI Cooper F56 (3-door hatchback). Used for ~2 years - then I had aftermarket wheels on the rest of the time. Selling because I'm moving and downsizing . TPMS Sensors in wheels OEM Wheels covered in black plastidip Wheels only (tires not included) Location...
  15. Engine & Powertrain
    Has anyone have the muffler deleted on their Cooper S with GPF? How does it sound? Did it trigger any warning? I recently Just picked up a LCI2 Cooper S. The car has been so much quieter compare to the test drive car. No exhaust burble unless you stick you head next to the exhaust. Also I...
  16. MINI Cooper F56 Forum
    Hii all! I have searched all over the internet to find a rear bumper that I can fit onto my F56 MINI COOPER. I would like to change the original bumper to the JCW version! Does anyone know where I can order this?? Thanks in advance! Willem
  17. Wanted
    Desperately wanting the plastic Eventuri induction kit with carbon scoop and the newer style MAF sensor housing, but nobody stocks them and the lead time is 12 weeks. If anybody has one for sale or knows of somewhere I can source one, it would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  18. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Seems every time I fix something another thing breaks. I've got a 2014 with 73k miles on it. First, the engine went and Mini paid for a swap for a new one. Then the little plastic glovebox thing permanently sealed itself shut. Then the hood release mechanism inside the car broke and I...
  19. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi Guys, I have a Mini Cooper (non-S) 1.5 Turbo LCI, 2019. My stock steering wheel does not come with paddle shifts. I am looking to retrofit a JCW Steering Wheel with Paddle Shift, all other controls are the same as the current one (no ACC). My question is: other off course them replacing the...
  20. Purchasing and Ordering
    Hello MINI Fanatics! I’ve ordered a JCW F56 LCI 2 which is about to go in to production and I’m currently having a change of heart potentially on colour and alloys after seeing them in person! I’ve ordered White Silver, Black Roof and Mirror caps and 17 inch track spokes! Toying with the idea of...
1-20 of 68 Results