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  1. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have a technical question, I am about to buy a JCW LCI2 2023 and I would like to improve the sound a little, but maybe not a sound as strong as the JCW PRO I was thinking of installing/replacing the muffler with the original GP3, but I don't know if it improves something or stay...
  2. MINI F56 Pictures
    Here are a few pictures of my fifth (and latest) Mini…
  3. MINI F56 General Discussion
    So I was reading a few older articles about the new JCW GP3 and when I saw these pictures, the only thing I see is a MCS with JCW Body kit and the new GP Wing. Do you think they put the MCS body just as a placeholder, or is there a new upgraded version of hardtop MCS and JCW coming? I might be...
1-3 of 3 Results