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  1. Engine & Powertrain
    i Installed the forge intake on my 19 f56, I chose to go with this one for a more Oem look and it’s a closed box style, I’m wondering if anyone else has this intake. I noticed that, the piping that is provided with the intake does not sit in the box cut out, also the foam Filter provided is...
  2. MINI F56 Pictures
    Finally got my eventuri intake and scoop delivered today and I love it. So easy to fit and really makes the engine bay look better, even if I couldn't afford to go with the carbon internals! I think the carbon scoop looks great too. I mean it's definitely subtle (which I like) but I think it...
  3. MINI Cooper S F56 Forum
    Does anybody know if there is a difference to the intake system on pre LCI MCS vs LCI MCS? I am looking at getting the eventuri aftermarket intake system, which also replaces the bonnet/hood scoop. Most of the ones for sale list the LCI version, but the one I have found with the best price lists...
  4. Sell/Trade
    Hi all, I have a brand new and unused genuine MINI carbon fibre bonnet vent. It won't fit the look I'm going for so I would rather sell it and put the money towards a pro diffuser. Will come in original box as well. Free shipping. Package is under 1kg in weight. £180
1-4 of 4 Results