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  1. Electronics and Audio
    Hi everyone! I just got a used 2013 Mini and wanted to use the usb audio to play music off of my iPhone X. When I first tried with a normal usb chord, the car didn’t recognize my device and told me the cable I used wasn’t supported. I bought an adapter that plugs into both the aux and usb and...
  2. Electronics and Audio
    There are no names showing when I go onto messages the contacts are there in the contact section and when calling but when I receive a message I cannot see the name I have disconnected the phone and reconnected it and checked all settings I can think of but can’t seem to get it to work any...
  3. Electronics and Audio
    I recently got the iPhone 11 pro after having the iPhone X. I updated the X about a month ago and noticed that my Mini started to not always recognize the phone when I tried to play music through the USB connection. It is still connected via Bluetooth so when someone calls me, I can still talk...
1-4 of 4 Results