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  1. MINI JCW F56 Forum
    Hi guys, I am in need of some dire help right now, so let me give you the lowdown. Firstly, I got my mini jcw back in 2019 (this was when they updated the emissions regulations). A year went by and I wanted to experiment. Obviously the JCW Pro exhaust wasnt for my car, as its not able to be...
  2. MINI JCW F56 Forum
    Hello! I have a 2017 3door JCW. I'm interested in buying the much needed JCW Pro Exhaust with valves. i found multiple websites where i can get the system but all of the websites are in the US. As we all know... there are cars US spec, EU spec etc. Living in Dubai, my car is GCC spec. My...
1-2 of 2 Results