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  1. MINI F56 Pictures
    Bought a Mini JCW. How are you guys feeling about the BRG with red roof?
  2. Purchasing and Ordering
    Hey everyone! Getting ready to put an order in for one of these new 2022 minis. I've previously had a Cooper S and I'm thinking of maybe getting a JCW for the extra hp and the cooler looking front grille. But my question is, is it really worth the extra cost? What is the actual difference...
  3. Mini Cooper News
    I have this beautiful 2019 F56 3 cylinder but i've been in the search for more power and i've seen how my car has the same value as an used 2016-2017 jcw, would you recommend upgrading even if it means loosing the 7 speed dct, apple CarPlay and all those new features?
1-3 of 3 Results