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  1. Sell/Trade
    NM Power Module for a Mini F56 model. This plug and play unit is made in the USA, has a very good reputation (ref. many mini forums) with no reported issues. It has a stage 1 or stage 2 switch that produces alot more power and torque. Reason for selling is i no longer have my JCW. Cheapest and...
    $250 AUD
  2. F55
    Hi there, I am looking for some advice regarding my 2015 Mini Cooper S F56. I have just recently purchased the vehicle around a month ago. I noticed that at high speeds the car seems very unpredictable and irrational with its steering. On your normally city routes the car seems perfect...
  3. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hello I have a 2017 mini cooper S I have owned the car since January 2021 and started daily driving it at the start of this year. My ownership experience with the car has been amazing minus the very rattly interior bits, but 2 weeks ago i was driving the car it was running perfectly until about...
  4. Introductions
    So after my first car’s (a heavily used 2002 mazda protege) transmition died like 2 weeks after buying it for dirt cheap off a relative i was feeling way more confident in my driving skills than when i started driving and by then i had saved up a bit and i had better job security so as a student...
  5. Sell/Trade
    DTUK CRD3+ Mini Cooper 2.0 SD F56 Tuning Box. Completely changes the car and brings it to life, making the driving experience even more fun. Used but in perfect working order. Complete with fitting and operating instructions, original packing etc... Please ask any questions you may have...
    £100 GBP
  6. MINI Cooper F56 Forum
    Hey everyone, so I have a 2020 F56 Cooper Trooper LC1, and ever since I've had the car from new, I noticed that the boot is rather hard to close. Most of the time you have to literally slam it so hard that the plate almost falls off. I just figured MINI's boots are all like that since I had an...
  7. Mini Clubman F54
    Hello all, I was wondering what part numbers I need to do a rear break replacement on my F54 All4 Cooper S Clubman. Also is there a tool people recommend to wind back the parking break?
  8. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hello I have a 2017 Cooper S F56 with the JCW front and rear bumpers as well as the "wing" I am wondering if it is possible to retrofit the JCW dinamica sport seats. My car does not have the heated seat option but would like to retrofit that as well, is there any extra wiring that goes into the...
  9. Engine & Powertrain
    Hi guys 1 month ago i removed the mid resonator from my mini jcw 2016 and after that i started seeing blu smoke during the cold start and now im really worried about it. I posted a video for you maybe it will be easier to help me. MINI BLUE SMOKE VIDEO
  10. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi guys, I have a problem and it seems I can't find which is the cause. The car is a Cooper JCW 2015 with 106.000 KM. I received the Check Engine light and I was to BMW service. They checked and said is nothing wrong with the car. They send me a report(I attached) and reset the Check Engine...
  11. Engine & Powertrain
    Hello! I would like to know, is the stock exhaust of the JCW (2020) can be electronically open / close? I saw that BimmerLink has an option to open/close exhaust flap, for cars who supports that. If someone done it before, I will appreciate your help! Thanks!
  12. MINI JCW F56 Forum
    Just picked up a 2021 F56 JCW, in Rooftop grey. Had the Pro Exhaust fitted at Mini Northcliff, Johannesburg, South Africa. Was doubting the exhaust would fit because of the GPF/PPF, and the fact that many people on the forum have stated it wouldn’t work and I’d get errors. But the exhaust fitted...
  13. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Recently bought an F55 in which the previous owner must’ve had a dashcam. The mount is still attached to the windscreen and the end of the mini USB cable is sticking out from the roof lining. I’m just wondering where the other end of that cable is likely to be. Any dashcam owners able to shed...
  14. Engine & Powertrain
    I’ve looked and I can only find upgrades for the b38 on bmw models but not for mini with the b38, asking if anybody knows if they will fit my 2016 mini clubman f54 1.5t ????
  15. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    I drove to my parents and back tonight, and was pleasantly surprised by my range figures. When I set of it was: Charge 91%, Range 98 miles I did 11.5 miles to their house and the same on the return. Mostly in 30mph limits, a couple of miles each way at 40mph and perhaps a couple each way at...
  16. Electronics and Audio
    Hi All, I'm new here so I'm not sure how to navigate but I'm hoping someone could help me... Recently, my display screen hasn't been turning on with the engine like it usually does, this mostly happens early in the morning when its cold out, and it doesn't tend to work until I go to get back...
  17. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi guys, silly question but can anyone recommend a cold air intake for my SD, its going to be the first of many mods i know what inter-cooler i am going to buy but this air intake is confusing no one is selling one for just the diesel but i assume any will fit just want to make sure. cheers guys
  18. MINI F56 General Discussion
    so this is a interesting post, myself and my girlfriend have began to have movie dates in the mini since lockdown and i can watch films we are thinking of taking it camping just for a night or two only problem is the back is not to comfy i am thinking of putting a small blow up bed or something...
1-19 of 24 Results