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  1. Electronics and Audio
    Trying to find some a good entertainment system that'll 1).Replace the big speedometer in the center. 2). Be bluetooth and touch screen. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated.
  2. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    Hi all, I've scuffed the yellow rim trim on a curb. Thankfully it hasn't scratched the actual alloys but the yellow is tatty now. Any tips on how to replace or repair?
  3. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    Is there a way to re-code a Cooper SE so that it remembers which regen mode was set when last started? I cannot see this option in Bimmercode, but, then, I do not know enough German to find it in Expert mode if it is there. I have used Bimmercode to make the analogous change for driving mode...
  4. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    I have made a little video showing how changing the settings in the car can affect the predicted range. Remember the actual range you will achieve will vary even more based on your driving style, speed, weather, weight carried, etc. Just by changing the settings the range varied by 28 miles...
  5. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    We have 2 minii electrics , and both cars has never been over 99 miles on a full charge ! have we got 2 bad cars or is this the average ?Has anyone got anywhere near the mini’s quoted 145miles ? please complain as i think we were sold a cars that doesn’t actually do145 miles .( tried green...
  6. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    Here are my hints, tips and solutions to Off Peak Home Charging. It is not going to be an advertisement for my energy supplier, if you want to know how it is drop me a PM. About 2 weeks ago I requested a change off energy supplier as I had seen that I could get a great overnight kWh rate if I...
  7. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    Well it's been a good week for free fuel (electricity) this week. I have managed to charge as follows: National Trust - Quarry Bank Mill, 7.4kWh Type 2 charger - I got 4kWh in 36 mins, 84% up to 94% No problem with the charger, no card needed, 4 ports available. Trafford Centre Shopping -...
  8. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    I have been wondering if the Mini Electric is cheaper to buy and run than the equivalent Petrol model. I assumed it would be based on the fuel savings, but I did a piece of work to check if things pan out as expected. I based my figures on the Mini Electric Cooper S - Level 2 (my car) and...
1-8 of 8 Results