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  1. MINI F56 General Discussion
    After trawling this forum looking for some answers, I noticed some posts were unanswered, specifically the one about changing the front/rear bumper to the 3rd gen. I'm very pleased to have found this amazingly underrated YouTube channel and the guys go into incredible detailed tutorials to show...
  2. Mini F55
    Mini-teammates, Took 2022 Mini Cooper S for its first dealership oil change and they replaced the oil oil with their 5W-30 Longlife BMW oil (as listed on the workorder). Their technician says this is approved for all BMW vehicles and it would cost a lot of Euros to order the 0W-20 LL-17FE+...
  3. Mini F55
    Hi guys, I have an Mini Cooper Non-S F55 with Cooper S kit installed. This is the front bumper, I don't have the air ducts to the brakes. I want to add this air ducts to the brakes. But my wheel fender don't have the hole to connect this air ducts. Can I make the hole and put two clips...
1-3 of 3 Results