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  1. Interior
    Hi, just joined and purchased a 2016 (my) cooper sd. the car has only got the standard radio and i am looking to upgrade it to the screen with nav system. Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to purchase an upgrade ? Thanks in advance guys Mick
  2. Electronics and Audio
    Has anyone attempted to retrofit an Alpine 9" or 7" Freestyle unit (or something similar) into an F56? I have a '14 Cooper S with the stock sound and aftermarket car play and want to change the standard screen to touch screen as well as better audio.
  3. Electronics and Audio
    you know the drill.
  4. Electronics and Audio
    Just bought a beautiful Chili-Red 2019 Countryman S and was hoping to do some coding to upgrade the head unit, only to find out it's just an ENTRYNAV2! (Noob mistake, lesson learned). I've been told CarPlay can be unlocked on it, but it doesn't have Navigation (not sure if true, but also heard...
  5. Electronics and Audio
    you know the drill
  6. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi all, My satnav is having trouble finding where it is. It doesn't follow the map just does its own thing. It was working perfectly for about 6 months when I got the car. Could this be an electrical problem? it's a 2009 cooper s, any ideas would be welcomed. Many thanks
  7. Electronics and Audio
    Another EVO to flash to mini software.
1-7 of 8 Results