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  1. Engine & Powertrain
    Hi got a new Mini Countryman F60 with the b38 engine. 6month old with 5000km never serviced before. Just went to check the engine coolant fluid and it was bellow minimum. Anybody know why ? No error codes yet, just routine checked it and saw this. Should I fill up and go to dealer ? I think I...
  2. MINI JCW F56 Forum
    Hello guys, Yesterday I received a strange behavior from the automatic transmission. I was in GREEN mode, in 1st gear, the transmission didn't gear up, remains in 1st gear with no big accelerate. I gave from paddle next gear and it works. Did you see this problem? Which could be the problem...
  3. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi guys, I have a problem and it seems I can't find which is the cause. The car is a Cooper JCW 2015 with 106.000 KM. I received the Check Engine light and I was to BMW service. They checked and said is nothing wrong with the car. They send me a report(I attached) and reset the Check Engine...
  4. MINI JCW F56 Forum
    We have a 2018 f56 JCW and when i accelerate lightly after slowing down it feels like the car just dumps the clitch. You can hear the revs build to 3-4k and then the car slams forward as if you just dumped the clutch. Gearbox seems sluggish aswell. Has anyone had similar problems?
  5. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi, I currently own a 2015 JCW with 25k miles. Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this for me. So when I'm in green mode, coasting with my foot off the accelerator and the car is essentially disengaged from the engine a strange fast ticking noise can be heard with the windows down from...
1-5 of 5 Results