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  1. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    On this forum and similar ones for other EVs there is a constant flow of questions about ‘range’ ‘consumption‘ and ‘charging’. I found the following reference documents extremely useful to explain many of the questions raised.
  2. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    I got in the car this morning with 100% charge and a GOM range of 172 miles. I have just covered 11 miles of urban driving (20 / 30 / 40mph) and arrived at my destination at 95% and the GOM showing a range of 190 miles. Temp is 10 degrees, so not too warm. Car was on normal settings drive wise...
  3. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    I drove to my parents and back tonight, and was pleasantly surprised by my range figures. When I set of it was: Charge 91%, Range 98 miles I did 11.5 miles to their house and the same on the return. Mostly in 30mph limits, a couple of miles each way at 40mph and perhaps a couple each way at...
  4. MINI Cooper Electric SE EV Forum
    I have made a little video showing how changing the settings in the car can affect the predicted range. Remember the actual range you will achieve will vary even more based on your driving style, speed, weather, weight carried, etc. Just by changing the settings the range varied by 28 miles...
1-4 of 4 Results