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  1. MINI JCW F56 Forum
    I am currently looking at remaps for my 2017 JCW manual after having it for a year. I’ve recently enquired with DMS automotive and have been quoted £599 and an increase to 268 ish BHP and 400 NM. I have had my previous car a 123d Mapped by them and I was pretty impressed however recently i’ve...
  2. Sell/Trade
    Like brand new. works perfectly. Easily the safest and fastest tuning unit on the market. By a long shot. Very easy to fit. Takes 10 mins. Link to exact module from their website Originally cost $400 selling for $250 for quick sale...
  3. MINI JCW F56 Forum
    Hey guys and girls, i own a 2015 JCW that i imported from germany a couple of years back...i live in israel and only one shop does tunes for our minis in the entire country they charge relatively high and engine failures happened already to the 3 of 4 JCWs ,they had an entire engine
  4. Engine & Powertrain
    Hi, I’ve recently bought a mini 1.2 One, not a cooper due to the insurance, I’m impressed with it so far, however am looking for a way to slightly increase the power, and possibly the throttle response and sound. Would a remap be worth it or not?
  5. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hello Miniacs, how are your minis doing? anyone here with stage 2 jcw 420+ nm, tell me how long have you been driving it, any signs of problems? What downpipes/catbacks you guys got.
1-5 of 5 Results