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  1. Electronics and Audio
    Hi, I I have a 2018 F60 LCI with navigation XL, touch screen, Telemetrics, Harman Cardon, full screen CarPlay etc. I updated it to ID6, everything works perfect, except there is no most connector on HU My HU is entrynav2 ( way maps) I would like to do a retrofit of digital cluster (and head up...
  2. Interior
    Hey Guys, So I've been looking for some heated leather seats for my 2016 F56 3 door and I've found some really nice ones,... but they're from a 2014 Clubman, thing is on the bottom the label starts with F56 so I was wondering if anyone knew if the clubman seats fit in the hatchback, they have...
  3. Electronics and Audio
    Hi I recently bought a 2017 F56. It doesn't have the multifunction steering wheel controls. So I bought these from LLL Parts - apparently genuine and brand new. I came to fit them and removed the airbag and caps but couldn't see how to actually connect the electronics. I had assumed the...
  4. Electronics and Audio
    Hi I'll be fitting the multi-function steering wheel buttons to my F56 but would like some recommendations on a Cheshire based retrofit coding specialist to code the cruise control in. Any suggestions? Cheers.
  5. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hey everyone... I know I have seen posts about people upgrading their older analog display cluster to a digital one, but I would like to know if it's possible to do the opposite.... My new Mini has the digital display cluster and I really don't care for it.... I would love to "downgrade" back...
  6. Mini F55
    Hi guys, I have an Mini Cooper F55 2019 with rear PDC and Led Headlights from factory and I want to install an OEM backup camera. I can buy OEM camera and cables very cheap from a F56 and F54. I see some threads but I'm a little bit confused ahah, I don't understand to much of this. My...
  7. Electronics and Audio
    I've managed to blunder my way through getting the LED headlights installed and coded, but am unsure about why the headlights turn off after a second or two of being on. ISTA+ still shows that the two control modules need encoding (despite encoding them (I think) via E-Sys). I believe the left...
  8. MINI Cooper S F56 Forum
    Hey guys, I want to change my wheel that only has the Limiter function to the one with a normal cruise control. As far as I can tell it's a straight swap but needs coding in Esys. Is there anyone that can tell me what do I need to code in Esys? The process should be same for all the F-series.
  9. Mini F55
    Hello, I own a Mini F55 One 2015 that has the stock flat spoiler, I am looking to buy a JCW spoiler which has the part number: 51627379605. I have seen on the forum that the F56 JCW spoiler needs different covering side trim as seen on the diagram: - Online BMW Parts Catalog But...
  10. F54
    I've just bought my Clubbie, and have been thinking about where to store my sunglasses. There are the options of putting a glasses case in the door pocket or armrest storage, but it is always a bit fiddly while driving to have to open a glasses case and swap normal spectacles for sunglasses...
  11. F60
    About to take delivery of 2019 F60 (hooray) Wondering if activity pack can be retrofitted? In particular sliding seats and electric tailgate would be nice. Any ideas whether it can be done and who might be able to do it? (not inclined to tackle it myself!)
  12. F57
    Hi All, So we recently purchased a former damage repaired Cooper S, as part of the repair the garage replaced the front bumper with a newer version that has the Front PDC sensors fitted. (Rear Camera and Sensors factory Fitted). My question is can these be wired into the existing system and be...
  13. MINI F56 General Discussion
    Hi Guys, I have a Mini Cooper (non-S) 1.5 Turbo LCI, 2019. My stock steering wheel does not come with paddle shifts. I am looking to retrofit a JCW Steering Wheel with Paddle Shift, all other controls are the same as the current one (no ACC). My question is: other off course them replacing the...
  14. MINI F56 General Discussion
    I recently retrofitted OEM Union Jack lights (look great, v grateful for advice from the forum), but I‘m looking to have a few separate issues looked at by Mini, hopefully under MOT protect. Will they care about the retrofitted lights? If so, would you bother swapping the stock lights back on?
  15. Electronics and Audio
    I've spotted some Xenon lights on fleabay. Will they fit the F54 ? Wondering how easy they'll be to replace the stock halogens? Obviously there's some coding to be done (I have Bimmercode). Additionally, I'll probably have to pull a wire from the bumper for the DRL. But other than that ???
  16. Appearance & Body
    Hi all Has anyone had any experience installing the JCW sport pack body kit on their mini? (Ie fr + rear bumper, spoiler) My mini is a 66 plate with loads of spec which is why I don’t want to sell and switch. (Adaptive dampers, cornering lights, auto, pan roof, heated windscreen, chilli pack...
1-16 of 17 Results