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  1. Interior
    Hi everyone, in my car i have the JCW bucket seats in leather. what is find is that the 'bucket' functionality isnt really there compared to how other cars have them. The seats seem to be quite wide at your lower back. Does anyone else find the same?
  2. F60
    About to take delivery of 2019 F60 (hooray) Wondering if activity pack can be retrofitted? In particular sliding seats and electric tailgate would be nice. Any ideas whether it can be done and who might be able to do it? (not inclined to tackle it myself!)
  3. Interior
    Hey People! First of all ive just discovered this community and I love reading all of the questions and answers people have!! thank you for all you do I have a question regarding the back seats of my F56, I never use them, im a maintenance guy and I basically use my mini as a 2 seater with my...
  4. MINI JCW F56 Forum
    Looking at purchasing a f56 jcw, i’m 6ft 6 and was wandering about the jcw seats. Will the lack of adjustment In the headrest mean it will be between my shoulder blades? I fit fine in Mothers cooper and the sport seats look decent. jcw with lounge seats are like gold dust and the 2 nearest jcw...
1-4 of 4 Results