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15" Heli spoke alloy cleaning question

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I have the standard 15" alloys, I believe they are called Heli spoke.
Has anyone else got the same problem in trying to keep them clean ?
The amount of brake dust is crazy and next to impossible to remove.
I got my car ceramic coated in the summer and got the alloys done too.
My detailer had a huge job trying to get each wheel cleaned properly for the preparation for the ceramic coating. About 4 hours an alloy !
He recommended I use iron fallout on them on a regular basis to try and keep the brake dust at bay.
This has helped but I still have a build up of brake dust after thoroughly washing them after the fallout out has been on for about 20 minutes.
I don't agitate the fallout, maybe I should ?

Any help appreciated ;)

I was actually thinking of getting them painted black, which would suit the Volcanic Orange better but mainly so I don't see the ingrained brake dust anymore !
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yes I always wax mine , put yours have come up well
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