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16" or 17" - Differences

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Ok guys!

I think I still have the option to change my wheel size from 16” to 17” as the car won’t have gone into production yet.

Can anyone please tell me what the benefits are or should I stick with 16”?!!!

even with my limited knowledge I know that 17" are bigger than 16" wheels!!


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As tyres for 17in wheels are lower profile than those for 16in wheels then I would expect them to give a harsher ride, but I don't know if it would be noticable compared to the 16in tyres.

I would also expect tyres for 17in wheels to be more expensive to replace than 15in or 16in tyres, but I am only guessing about that.
My last car was a Toyota which came with an electric inflater and some goo to mend the puncture.
I immediately bought a spare wheel as I had heard many bad stories of these kits with the goo either not working, tyre fitters refusing to work on a tyre to which it has been applied, emergency services not helping unless the car has a viable spare etc., and the goo only works on a simple single perforation on the tread of the tyre.
Also to replace the goo applicator cost about half the cost of a new tyre! Daft!

If you get the choice of a space saver spare, go for it!
I suppose the space saver could be ordered later, and a jack and wheel brace if required?
Johnan, if the R50 is anything to go by, unless you spec the spare wheel at the factory, you don't get the mounting bolts and have to retrofit by hacking the boot floor to bits.

Oh dear, I didn't realise that!

Cancel that plan, then, for those who have not spec'd the spare at order time.(unless the F56 doesn't have the same problem, of course.)
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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