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16" or 17" - Differences

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Ok guys!

I think I still have the option to change my wheel size from 16” to 17” as the car won’t have gone into production yet.

Can anyone please tell me what the benefits are or should I stick with 16”?!!!

even with my limited knowledge I know that 17" are bigger than 16" wheels!!


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Me too. I found threads on forums where people complained about punctures that the mobility kit couldn't fix. Plus apparently once you've filled a tyre with goo nobody will repair it.

I'm pretty sure the spare is on the outside underneath so we don't lose space in the back. I'm reasonably sure we won't get the mobility kit (but dealer said I would)... probably have the jack in the same space.
Can you confirm that the spacesaver is placed on the outside of the car and not in the actual boot?? Anyone??
thanks for this - have emailed my dealer for clarification - will post ASAP
too late for me as car gone past the point of changing - I too had a toyota with fix stuff and inflator and did have to use it but tyre was knackered and had to be brought home on the back of a truck - if I get in a muddle the MINI has roadside assistance so will just have to use it lol
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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