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16" or 17" - Differences

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Ok guys!

I think I still have the option to change my wheel size from 16” to 17” as the car won’t have gone into production yet.

Can anyone please tell me what the benefits are or should I stick with 16”?!!!

even with my limited knowledge I know that 17" are bigger than 16" wheels!!


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Thanks for the replies all. I've bought the Cooper, decided against the S, and as such I had the option for a free upgrade to 16" and then £450 to 17".

I have added so many options to the car and didn't see the point of going 17". As snow can sometimes be a factor with me on the mountain I think I'll stick with the 16". Also decided against the runflats as I've seen so many people getting rid of them!!
Are you getting a spare wheel?
Yes Mark. I hadn't originally optioned for it but when I saw someone's spec I wondered what wheel space saver was and discovered before I placed the order!
As far as I can remember it goes underneath the boot and doesn't take up any internal space. There is a tray with most if not all regular coopers but without the brackets you cannot store a tyre.

I also thin - correct me if I'm wrong - but those who have optioned run flat tyres do not get a space saver wheel either?

Glad I went for it now!! Apparently you lower it down - access from the boot.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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