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2014 F56S Aux Driving Lights Install

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Hi. Just finished installing the non-LED aux driving lights onto my 2014 F56S without LED options. The factory instructions were confusing and had significant errors. With the help of fellow forum member GregoryK, I was able to do the job and wrote up a set of "corrected" instructions. GregoryK has a good tutorial on how to get the bumper off. I believe he has it posted on the NAM forums.

The attached instructions worked for my 2014 F56S - I make no guarantees or warranties, but will help if needed with questions. Read through the whole booklet before starting. There are a few special tools and extra parts (mentioned in my notes) you will want to have on hand before starting. Special thanks again to GregoryK. Best of luck to you.


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I made that statement (9 hours) right after finally finishing the install. That included all of the repeat work due to stuff not working or mulling over what the confusing instructions were trying to tell me. Now that they have been corrected and I have shared some of the "what-no to-dos", it should not take nearly that long. :)
It should probably be noted that there is additional discussion about this topic on NAM:

There are also notes there on alternate location for the control switch!
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Very glad the notes helped out!
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