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I've just bought the non LED black lamps and have read through the instructions above...these are really helpful, so many thanks for them. It is especially useful to know to start the install from inside and fed wires through into the engine bay rather than other way around.Ive printed out the pdf to help me as I do the job. The additional notes are excellent.

Just to say that on RHD cars the wires run to the fuse box on the other (left) side of the car to that shown into diagram. On my European model, BMW have also helpfully provided a grommet within the grommet into the car interior, meaning that it is not necessary to drill a hole in this...there us now one provided for the aux lamp wire... you just have to pull the inner grommet out and there is the necessary hole.


I will post pics as to how I get on.

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Right. All done. See attached images.

I am massively obliged to Subguy658 for his helpful instructions. However mine is a UK RHD version.. and I found some differences. There is a separate set of instructions from MINI for the RHD - they are of course mainly the same. The UK kit I had does not have an on-off switch - the lamps simply switch on with main beam.There are fewer wires than in the wiring diagram for the LED / US cars. See Scan.

Here's How I did it: Just sharing experience - not a tutorial and no liability accepted if you injure yourself or damage your car. If in doubt use a professional mechanic.

First disconnect battery negative.

1. Open glove box and reach inside to open fuse box cover. This shows you where the fusebox is. Kneel outside car and lean into passenger foot-well. Look and reach up, un-clip and pull down fuse box.

2. Remove plastic cover trim on left side of foot-well - the Body Domain Controller is behind this.

3. Connect up the wiring to the rear of the fuse-box (positive power wire) and terminal in Body Domain Controller (trigger wire for relay). (This is tricky - you have to take out the multi-pin plug and disassemble to find correct wire from pin 34 terminal A 258 3B (blue and white). Remove existing terminal on wire A9 in the kit and use posi-tap connector to connect. Push- connect the relay (referred to as 'control module' as instructed.Attach fuse to front of fusebox where easily accessible.

4. Under the bonnet reach behind the bonnet hinge on passenger side and remove plug in large grommet (a grommet within a grommet). Feed the wires up through this hole from inside the car. Run wires towards front of car.

5. Run wires on frame. Fit inner connectors to ends of cables and wires inside grille.

6 Remove front bumper and grille as one piece using instructions from NAM Piyush Kayastha.

7 Fit aux lamp brackets as per instructions

8 Remove excess plastic from holes on grille (to allow brackets to pass through more easily)

9 Loosely re-fit bumper, feeding it over the brackets and securing with upper central screw only.

10 Fit ext bracket to protruding brackets

11 Fit ext connectors to lamps.Connect and push back inside grille. Cover protruding wires with tape / rubber tube. (Note: Connectors on latest kits are thin enough to pas thru grille meaning that lamps can easily be disconnected before removing grille in future.

12 Fit lamps loosely to brackets.

13 Fully fit bumper.Replace fusebox and interior trim

14 Re-connect battery negative.Connect cable A5 to negative of battery.

15 Select main headlight and main beam. Adjust lights.

16 Tighten lamp bracket screws.

17 Re-set date and time and tyre pressures (warning triangle will then go out).

18 No re-coding is needed for Halogen lights.

No longer any need to drill grommet on this kit. However its annoying that the lamps obscure the 'S' badge and that external wires are bare and unprotected.

Pictures ending:

765 Fuse Box see from inside glove box
761 Grommet
777 Fitted lamp showing obscuring of 'S' Badge and unprotected wires
779 Fitted Lamp
774 Both Lamps
782 The Car.


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