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2014 F56S Aux Driving Lights Install

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Hi. Just finished installing the non-LED aux driving lights onto my 2014 F56S without LED options. The factory instructions were confusing and had significant errors. With the help of fellow forum member GregoryK, I was able to do the job and wrote up a set of "corrected" instructions. GregoryK has a good tutorial on how to get the bumper off. I believe he has it posted on the NAM forums.

The attached instructions worked for my 2014 F56S - I make no guarantees or warranties, but will help if needed with questions. Read through the whole booklet before starting. There are a few special tools and extra parts (mentioned in my notes) you will want to have on hand before starting. Special thanks again to GregoryK. Best of luck to you.


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Hi all ! Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I've just received my Led Auxiliary Lights Kit.

It's a chinese one. The first thing was that I absolutely wants to have a switch to activate them separately from high beam on dashboard. That's why the OEM one wasn't an option, and for the price too :geek: I first thought install it just for the look, but if it can work pretty easily...

Second thing, I've read tons of posts for the installation of OEM ones, but none for the Chinese version. The harness seems to be completly different. I've seen the PIAA fitting instructions here , the harness seems to be almost the same.

Mine is quite different and I'm not sure for the connection. I've made a wiring diagram of what I've received:

Product Rectangle Font Line Parallel

But I'm not electrician 馃榿

Do you have any info on the installation? Has anyone already fitted a Chinese kit? The manual is very light...

Thanks for all mates !
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I finally found the correct wiring diagram ! Will helps future owners I think ;)
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