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2015 Cooper S White Pepper from LA(Mx)

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Hi Everyone,

I'm New to this forum and also to Mini, last friday i received my White Cooper S (i waited 3 months for it).

My name is Albert and i'm from México.

Here is my Car.

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Hi Soul, was your Mini on EPA hold, too? I am currently waiting for my 15's. We have the same taste in color (Pepper White). :)
Same colour as what I got for the wifey, ship is docking in Durban harbour on Sunday.

Can't see your pictures, do you have an alternate link ?

Congratulations and welcome to the pepper white brigade!
$3 bottle of Tamiya lacquer paint with the right shine did the job very well for me.
Lonelycupid, can you elaborate more about it? Thanks.
Im sorry dunno what happened to the image links but here you go :

With my brother's

Last Saturday i decided to plastidip my doors :p

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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