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2015 F55 1.2 Turbo engine struggles to idle with the first start of the day WHEN the weather is cold

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Hi all, new member here. I've owned my Mini one for over 3 years now and its always been serviced by Mini and has a FSH. Anyway for about the last 2 years and in the winter months when the temperature is really cold outside and I start the car first thing in the morning, the engine struggles to idle and cuts out. I literally have to rev it for a few mins but its almost like there's not enough mixture or something. If I drive off straight away then its fine and doesn't cause a problem and likewise if I rev the engine for a few mins it will idle ok.

Its a bit like if I compare it to years ago when we had carbs (before fuel injection) and there was cold fast idle, so it would idle about 1500 rpm until the engine warmed up and if the cold fast idle cam broke in your weber carb, then the engine would struggle to idle when the engine was cold. Anyway my issue is a bit like that. It only does it when the air temperature outside is say 5 degrees or less.

Everything else is fine and I get reasonable mpg, so 40 around town and about 50 on the motorway and it pulls fine, no misfires, etc.
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Hi, I appreciate this was a while ago - did you ever find a fix? I have the same issue…
Symptoms suggest a cold fueling issue. I had a VW Golf TDi (diesel) with a cold start/idling problem that in viewing real time coolant temperature data with an OBD2 scan tool I suspected the temperature sensor was bad. For one thing it supplied a warmer temperature than ambient when it should have been ambient.

Arranged to have the temperature sensor replaced and that proved to be the solution.
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