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Hello Guys,

I just bought a 2015 JCW, automatic, with JCW Pro exhaust. I have a couple of doubts and was wondering if someone could clarify them:

  • the car doesn't feel very fast in first and second gear, do you guys know if there's a boost/torque limit in the first two gears?
  • my car has the JCW Pro exhaust and it is loud with the valve open and in sport mode, but it doesn't pop or bang very loudly on the overrun, I can hear some pops if I put the rear seats down and lift the throttle at 4/5.000 rpm, but nothing like the bangs on the videos I saw on youtube (mostly 2016 JCWs also with Pro exhaust). Could there be a difference in the ecu map on the 2015 vs 2016 model that make the 2016 cars pop and bang more on the overrun compared to my 2015 car?

Thanks a lot!
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