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Check out the Video:)

the rest is from autoevo.

The guys from the Fast Lane Car might’ve gotten a lot of things wrong when they started out but they kept at it, and now they’re ‘mash-ups’ are beginning to make more sense. In their latest, they pit the MINI Cooper S in 5-door guise against a BMW 228i xDrive.

Now, I know that the two can’t be compared in any way, and the guys know it too. However, they did manage to show us a thing or two by doing this.

First of all, the MINI was a manual, and it’s the most hated model since the BMW Group took over. To old-school MINI aficionados, the new models are way too big for what the brand ‘stands for’ and making a 5-door version was just the last drop.

There’s also a different demographic out there that actually considers the model an absolute win and they claim it’s the best invention since the original came out. Of course, the two sides will never see eye to eye but the important thing (if you were to ask me) is how the new MINI drives.

We know that the 2 Series Coupe is a perfectly handy and enticing car to take around a track. That’s true in both M235i and 228i guises, no matter what you may think. Yes, the 228i has a lot less power but it’s also lighter on its feet and packs plenty of punch to have fun.

Therefore, when the guys took them around their track they did us all a favor. You see, the MINI is down a good 50 HP here and yet, on the short, twisty go-kart track they had at their disposal, it proved that combined with a manual gearbox it was fun to drive and, essentially, faster around the circuit than the more powerful BMW. The go-kart feeling is alive and kicking!

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Some good points made, but as far as the configuration of my purchase, I would have the 2 points thrown away back right off from the get go:

1. I didn't get idrive....although I did get the center console, with a manual trans and no visual boost or nav, I don't need to get at the idrive pad! So, that's plus one for me! :) Also, notice the guy may not have known how to "lower" the center console??? The MINI is just too complicated for this guy!

2. Although I somewhat agree with the saving issue for the radio stations, mine is also somewhat easier, just having the am/fm radio with HK Sound System....I'm no a rocket scientist/tach savy type, but even I (being old school) only took a few minutes to figure out how to save radio stations!

Well, I suppose they had to find something wrong with the new MINI....but, lets be fair! You can't compare apples with oranges now can you?

As for the engine sound, the MINI should have gotten a BIG +1! :)



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