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So when ordering my 2016, it looks like I missed the Storage Compartment Package for CAD$250. I didn't realized I'd need it until talking to my dealer today. See, I was expecting a cover of sorts and underneath a place to hide things like jumper cables, etc... Turn out I'm wrong.

Asking my dealer, they said it would cost $2k to $3k to install - "Reason being is that they have to replace some parts of the wall and add new pieces, so those parts plus the installation get quite hefty."

Really? I noticed MINI USA has, for the 3-door, the storage compartment tray:

It doesn't seem available for the 5-door yet (bigger boot), but I'd expect something like this with a cover to be easily added...

Has anyone done anything like this for the 5-door? Still loving the car, but not the happiest about this. I'd have hoped my dealer would have spoken up about when ordering.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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