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Hoping for a little help

Two weeks ago the Yellow check engine light appeared on my 2016 F55 S (5500 miles and about 6 months old). I pulled the code using the Carley for BMW app. The fault code on the report reads..

Engine / Motor: - Fault: :Idle control: speed too high - Code: 1E0001

and although I doubt related.

Infotainment: - Fault: sorry, unknown DTC fault - Code: 026303

A trip to the dealer resulted in the InterCooler having a leak due to a puncture. I was skeptical so I asked for a picture to which the dealer provided me with one. There was certainly an impact but, I had to rely on the dealer to tell me that is what was causing an issue. Mini corporate would not warranty the InterCooler due to the impact so I had to pay the bill which was $1000 plus for parts and labor.

Today the engine light triggered again with the same code. I've called the dealer and will take it in tomorrow.

Wondering if anyone has had an similar type of issue and what the resolution was.

I appreciate any help anyone could provide.
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