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Six doors and four wipers: what sort of car has such a configuration? The new Mini Clubman, a surprisingly likeable and practical machine, says Matt Robinson

The Mini Clubman range starts at £19,995 for a petrol Cooper model
26 September 2015 • 10:28am
There has always been a degree of one-upmanship in the automotive world, whether it be through outgunning your opponents on power, providing more interior space or ramping up the tech to science fiction movie levels. But offering more doors than anyone else? Is that a USP?
In reality, it’s tradition combined with an attempt to answer criticisms of a daft foible of the old Mini Clubman that has led to this six-door estate.
On the former score, the Clubman has always had double doors at the rear. But there are now four conventional portals to the passenger area, doing away with the craziness of the previous model, which saw a single rear door, on the right side of the car. That might have been fine for left-hand drive markets, such as Germany where the car was designed, but in the UK it meant those sitting in the rear had to exit into the flow of traffic.
Luckily, such pragmatic alterations result in the best-looking third-generation Mini of the lot. OK, there’s still the gormless face of the latest hatchback and the massive lights at the back, but said rear lights – horizontal rather than vertical here – work better on the Clubman.
The brake lights are in separate strips in the bumper, which looks odd when you’re following a Clubman. But otherwise, it’s a handsome, well-proportioned car and the awful silver or black strips that ran up the edges of the previous Clubman’s rear have been consigned to history.

So far it sounds like a great little car too me.:) Read the rest here.
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