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2016 Model Year Differences?

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Picked up my JCW on 6th Novermber (built 19th Oct) and wondered if my MINI was a 2016 model year or 2015.

At what point during the year do they change?
What is the difference on a 2016 model year MINI?

Best wishes
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Yes, it does seem sort of strange this discrepancies don't appear have a particular pattern or time frame. Our build was September 09, 2015, and it has the driver's side sun visor. There is no cargo net and even if there was you would be required to make modifications in the cargo area to use it. However, this all seems insignificant while you are zooming around some twisties. I am really anxious for some good warmer weather to take it into the mountains and wring it out! I will determine then if I can live with the runcraps a little longer or if I must immediately install some good tires!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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