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Check it out strange to compare the GTI to the Clubby imho.

Occasionally, we hand the keys of a test vehicle to two of our experts to hear what they have to say. Here’s what auto journalists Paul Choi and Nick Tragianis think about the Volkswagen GTI and an unlikely competitor – the redesigned Mini Cooper S Clubman.

Nick Tragianis: On first glance, I didn’t think these two cars would compare with each other. Let’s face it – “mini” isn’t the first word I’d use to describe the Mini lineup. Have you seen the new Clubman? Not only does it have a mouthful of a name, it’s definitely put on some weight to the point where it’s a little difficult to classify exactly what it is. Long hatchback? Six-doored wagon? Funky compact crossover? Whatever you want to call it, one thing’s for sure – it’s surprisingly fun, especially in Cooper S Clubman trim.

That only makes things more complicated, because it has the goods to be a hot-hatch alternative. Don’t believe me? It’s got a 189-horsepower turbo-four, a six-speed manual and an exhaust that loves to burble and pop when you play with the go-fast pedal. Of course, being a hot-hatch isn’t easy because you’ve got the Volkswagen GTI to deal with, a.k.a. the nearly undisputed champ in the segment.
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