After 5years its time to go to the dark side and replace the Mini with an EV!

My wife has loved the Mini and sad to see it go but due to the need to travel into central london, it makes sense to get an EV to save on the congestion charge.

We ordered the car to our spec and it was picked up in May 2017. Since then we have covered 20k miles, 4k a year! Been back to BMW for the regular servicing but also the oil is changed once a year by me on top of the BMW schedule.

The car is a Cooper-S Auto with JCW package in White Silver paint. The car is specced with specific options rather than a package. The reason for this is we didn't like the armrest and leather seat of the Chilli pack, so we did individual spec.

So, the car is Chilli pack without the armrest and leather seat, in addition:
White Silver Paint
LED Headlights
Heated seats
Keyless Entry
Folding Mirror
Rear Parking sensors
Pan roof
Antracite headlining

Only thing missing from full option would be heated screen, rear cam/front sensors and Head Up display!

The car is in stunning condition and has tasteful mods that can be put back to standard if you do not like them. No dings and never had any paintwork, 100% factory paint car!

Modifications we have carried out:

JCW exhaust with Carbon tips (from the 231bhp JCW mini)
Leather seat covers (cloth seat standard)
Window tint, the lightest available.
Cooper slatted front grill (original Cooper-S supplied)
PUZU DSP for audio system
Racechip, faultless for the 4 1/2yrs it has been fitted. Night and day difference. My friend has an identical F56 and couldn't believe how hard it pulls compare to his.
Big brake upgrade using BMW X1 disk and calipers. (originals supplied)
Cooper 1497 sticker on the roof, Grey Union Jack petrol lid cap cover.
LED Side repeaters (originals supplied)

If we start with a brand new car as reference, our car has a few small stone chips (touched in) which are not at all noticeable. All 4 wheels have very minor kerbing (touched in). Tyres have around 3mm left.

Car has always been protected with Sonax PNS and associated products and NEVER washed except by me at home.

You will not find a better condition 2017 car for sale.

Here are some links to the threads on the car for sale.

The attached image is from last Sunday, you can see how stunning she still is!