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How are we doing fellow Mini lovers?
I've been here for awhile but haven't convinced myself to introduce me and my MINI, but there we go.

I'm 20 years old, and my love with MINIs started when my dad first bought a Cooper D R60. I loved the styling and handling of the car!
I will skip a little and move on, my sister then bought a 2015 F56 One D, I loved the styling even more, the 3 door version was like a heaven to me when I was able to drive it. But it lacked power a little bit, mpg was amazing! Cool, little car.

Then it was time for me, right? Got a decent job, started a bussines and I was finally able to afford my own MINI.
I went to the closest dealership and looked for stock vehicles, instantly fell in love with the Starlight blue color!
It was shining and smiling at me, they had it for a good price. The new 2018 LCI was even better, I liked the new headlights and the union jack on the rear!
Warm sound of the Cooper S exhaust was delightful for my ears. I also chose 5-door because I carry people a lot. Bought it!
It had the new DCT which i was scared of, but its good now and performing well.

On 19th December 2019, it will be 1 year since i bought him.

So far it has been the most reliable vehicle we ever had in a family, B48 engine is so smooth and refined, no vibrations at idle and minimum vibrations at full spectre due to balancing shafts. Selecting green mode is a perfect way for a good fuel economy, I was able to get 5.4-5.7l/100 km (around 50 uk mpg).
Sport mode, M/S and DSC OFF - what a pocket rocket!
So far I was able to drive with my mini - 24 854 miles.

A loooooot of brake pad changes! In 1 year I was three times in BMW, once for front brake pads and twice for rear brake pads. A lot of money they made on me.
The OEM are so soft and dust a lot! Silver winter tires? Dirty all the time, I can clean them every day.
Next time I will do it on my own, or let my mechanic do it.
Oil Change - every 6000 miles. Not trusting and making those long time intervals.

I tried a piggyback module from bluespark automotive, good increase in power, but yesterday I deleted it.
Reason? REMAP TIME! Thursday, cannot wait. I hope we can make at least 250 BHP with my tuner with stock internals. Curious about the DCT rated long term 320nm.
I will keep you informed in the new 'mapped thread!
I also bought brand new stock JCW exhaust from a 3 door, lenghtened it and did a resonator delete (midbox) since my model was without OPF(PPF). So happy and amazing sound, very close to JCW pro exhaust!

I love MINI, I will love it, I want to get a R59 JCW Roadster with the n18 engine and mod it.
I will always be with MINI and BMW.

What an amazing community and company!

Here have a older picture of my car, I've done a few mods from then. Including Windows tint, JCW exhaust with res delete and some styling.
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