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2019 Mini Countryman F60 (temp control)

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I’ve had the car almost 3 years and have never done anything about this. More of a nuisance than anything else.

The temp control wheel only adjusts by 2 degrees versus single digits. In others words I can do 68-70-72-74-76, etc but never 68-69-70-71-72-73.

Always fidgeting with the system settings to see if I can find a quick fix, but I believe I’ve tried everything.

Has anyone had this issue?
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I've not heard of that one before but I wonder if it has anything to do with it being farhenheit instead of celsius? The cars here in Europe would all be celsius and go up by 1 degree increments, something that mildly annoys me as on a BMW courtesy car I had recently you had 0.5 degree increments and they're probably the same heating systems. 21.5 degrees was much more comfortable than 21 or 22 but I told myself to stop being so fussy. The 2 degree jump your car has would really annoy me though, maybe someone else from the US can confirm if their temperature control does the same?
It's a European car designed around Celsius. A 2 degree Fahrenheit change is pretty much 1 degree Celsius which is the granularity of the mini system in the metric world. I don't think there will be any way around this.
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My 2022 has increments of 1 degree, in Fahrenheit.

My 2015 3-Door only had increments of 2 degrees. I guess they changed it after 2019?

It's so strange to actually see 73° now, lol.
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