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Posted this on another forum and did not get a response. Anyone here have any idea?

I have a 2019 2dr, manual
I can start it by pushing down on the start/stop switch. I can also start it by pushing ""UP"" on the start/stop switch....and the dash lighting is different when I start it by pushing up.
I can find nothing in the manual or on-line about the 'Push-up' start method.
Here is what the Manual says:
Start/Stop button
Pressing the Start/Stop button
switches the ignition on or off
and starts the engine.
Steptronic transmission: the
engine starts in selector lever
position P or N with the brake pedal pressed
when you press the Start/Stop button.
Manual transmission: the engine starts with
the clutch pedal pressed when the Start/
Stop button is pressed

Can anyone tell me what the difference is and what effect it has on the car/driving or anything else?

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It may explain why the ambient lights were a different colour when I started mine the other week. Also had that happen on my old MCS before......I'll have a play with this next week.

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I would agree with your dealer except the lighting on the dash panel is different depending on which way you press the lever.

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Tried it yesterday. No discernible differences in ours.
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