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222bhp according to Mini Connected

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driving home this afternoon and i was having a play with Mini Connected which i haven't used for a while. I selected the Driving Excitement app & brought up the sports instruments which display bhp & engine revs.

on a straight steady climb up a dual carriageway in full sport mode in my S Auto i floored the accelerator & let it go. The bhp meter climbed quickly straight to 189 & held there for a couple of seconds & then to my amazement climbed to 197 & then to 222bhp before i had to start winding down!

i'm pretty sure 189bhp is the published max power of the F56 S but is it possible that it has more than that or is the app getting over excited? i've no idea where the app takes the readings from.
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This is interesting.

It is well documented that BMW/MINI cars often produce more power than advertised when measured on a rolling road. I had a 2007 MCS, which should have produced 192 lb Ft of torque but when tested produced 211 lb Ft.

I also think that the 192 hp figure is without overboost and that if the car overboosted above 4,500rpm then more than 192 hp would be produced.

Therefore it is not inconceivable that somewhere a very healthy F56 MCS in the right circumstances could produce significantly more than 192 hp.

However I also think that the app is not measuring actual hp, rather it is calculating what it thinks the car is producing. I don't know whether this is just based on rpm, or whether it uses a more comprehensive set of live measures.

As I said at the beginning, interesting. I'm going to connect mine now to see what happens!
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I attached the mini connected app this evening to see what figures I could achieve. The first thing that is apparent is that the power and torque figures don't just relate to engine speed through a simple algorithm. The figures seem to vary according to gear, road conditions, traction control setting etc. Most of the time the car was giving around 190 hp and 220 lb Ft of torque, however on one occasion I managed 205 hp in first gear and on another 235 lb Ft in fourth gear. I remain intrigued.....
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I tried about 30-40 full throttle runs......
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