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222bhp according to Mini Connected

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driving home this afternoon and i was having a play with Mini Connected which i haven't used for a while. I selected the Driving Excitement app & brought up the sports instruments which display bhp & engine revs.

on a straight steady climb up a dual carriageway in full sport mode in my S Auto i floored the accelerator & let it go. The bhp meter climbed quickly straight to 189 & held there for a couple of seconds & then to my amazement climbed to 197 & then to 222bhp before i had to start winding down!

i'm pretty sure 189bhp is the published max power of the F56 S but is it possible that it has more than that or is the app getting over excited? i've no idea where the app takes the readings from.
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Tried it again this morning, hit 231bhp this time at 5832 rpm which equates to 208 lb-ft torque
I wonder if it has to do with the engine load going up a hill? Have you tried this on a flatter road Hat?
on the F56, it can be used 100 times over the life of the car and it cannot be reset by MINI.

Not going to lie...I'm going to use it at least once, just to see how it works....for science of course...
I have a confession: I used it on the loaner car from the dealer twice. As I do not have auto myself I figured I had to at least try it>:D
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And how was it?
Reminded me of my early driving days when I would do neutral drops but without the mechanical crashing noise :D. The MSC auto certainly seems to accelerate like an animal off the line using launch control. I for one would never buy a used F56 S automatic
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